It is a complete structured six month course. Which includes daily study material with puzzles and opening and middle game, end game as well as necessary chess softwares.
Weekly one-on-one training session.


Weekly classes through google meet. Daily study materials are mailed daily. 


Syllabus from 1st to 6th category.
Daily Materials :  puzzles + opening study + middle game Combination + End game tactic.
Softwares: End game Ideas, Middle game planning and Combination, Chess puzzles.
E-Books : All e-books available.
Opening repertoire for your opening.


Admission Fees : 5000 Rs.
Include : All Softwares, E-books, Opening repertoire.

Weekly : 1000 Rs
Includes : Daily Study materials + Weekly online classes.



1st Category

1 History and Concept of Chess game. 2 Chess Board. 3 File, Rank, Name of the squares. 4 Name of the Pieces. 5 Arrangements of Board & Pieces. 6 Movement of pieces. 7 Comparative value of pieces. 8 Captures. 9 Notations. 10 Castling. 11 En-pass rule. 12 Pawn promotion. 13 Check & Checkmate. 14 Drawn game. 15 Stalemate. 16 Reputation of position. 17 50 move rule. 18 Reading & Writing the games. 19 General principals & Rules of Chess game. 20 Playing Practice. 21 Mate in One move. 22 Mate in Two moves.

2nd Category

1 General Principals of Opening. 2 General Principals of Endings. 3 Mate with a Queen. 4 Mate with two Rooks. 5 Mate with a Rook. 6 Mate With Two Bishops. Tactics in Middle Game. 1. Direct hit 2. Hit with check. 3. Pin. 4. Knight fork. 5. Double attack. 6. Discover attack. 7. Double check 8. Mill. 9. X- ray attack. 10. Skewer. 11. Remove the guard. 12. Deflection. 13. Decoying 14. Blocking. 15. Back rank. 16. In between moves. 17. Pawn rolling. 18. Pawn promotion.

3rd Category

Chess Endings. 1 Practical chess Endings. A .King & Pawn endings b. Minor Pieces endings c. Rook & Pawn endings d. Queen & Pawn endings. e. complex Chess endings.

4th Category

How to Think Ahead in Chess game. The four moves planning. Position calculation & photo graphic memory. The Candidate move. Chess Combinations. Program of Study for tournament Chess player.

5th Category

Opening Repertoire. Position handling after sixteen moves. * Opening Book Moves (With Calculations.) • ECO. Tables. Playable Moves & Traps. Brilliant moves played in middle game after this opening. Ending played after this opening. Interesting continuations. • Structural ideas. • Good & Bad Pieces. • Pieces-Path.

6th Category

Position judgment in Chess game. Handling the middle game positions. The Art of middle game. The Art of attack, The Art of defense, planning in chess game. Technique and Training for Tournament player.